Amber Toms

Amber Toms is a freelance photographer who has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. Amber is renowned for producing exquisite beauty and fashion images that resonate chic modernity. She also beautifully captures lasting moments against the stunning backdrop of Queensland as seen in her Tourism QLD advertising work.

Amber has worked throughout Australia and as well as in Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK. Her work has been seen on magazine covers, billboards, in editorials and advertising campaigns.

Amber loves shooting all styles of photography but it is the resort industry she is now drawn to most.  Here she takes all the lesson learnt, experiences and her unique style from years in the fashion industry. She then combines that with finding the best angle and light which her time in tourism has taught her and  brings them together to deliver stylish, on trend and beautiful clean images that incapsulates the resort and its surroundings.  Amber's aim when working is to marry the poetic beauty of the resort and its distinctive geography with a high fashion edge.

“Her pictures are soft and ethereal, poetic and pensive, and high-fashion with an edge. ” Canvas magazine